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What does Lincoln Street School provide?

All textbooks and supplies are provided.
We use standards based, state adopted texts current in all curriculum areas
Reading/Language Arts Mathematics History Science Supplemental
 Language Arts:
  TK - 8th
California Science
(Houghton Mifflin)
 K - 6th      
Study Island
TK - 8th
 TK - 5th               
 Lexia PowerUp
 6th - 8th   
 Math (Glencoe)
 6th - 8th   2013
Focus on Life Science
(Glencoe Science)
K - 8th
  Language Arts
  CA Collections
  6th - 8th           
MathFASTT Math
Focus on
Physical Science 
(Glencoe Science)
Phonemic Awareness kit
Read Naturally
1st - 8th
Discovery Education
TK - 8th
Calendar Math

What is the Exemplary Independent Study Recognition Award (EISRA)?
The Exemplary Independent Study Recognition Award (EISRA) is a joint project of the California Consortium for Independent Study (CCIS) and the California Department of Education (CDE) that recognizes excellent educational practices in public schools where independent study is the primary mode of instruction. The EISRA is based on the Elements of Exemplary Independent Study. (Local Education Agency Support, Teacher Quality, Student Admissions, Standard Aligned Teacher and Materials, Student Achievement, School Leadership and School Culture.  We are proud to say that Lincoln Street Independent School holds this recognition.

What is the (Academic Performance Index) API?

The Academic Performance Index (API) is a single number, ranging from a low of 200 to a high of 1000, which reflects a school’s performance level, based on the results of statewide testing. Its purpose is to measure the academic performance and growth of schools.  The API was established by the Public School Accountability Act (PSAA), a landmark state law passed in 1999 that created a new academic accountability system for K-12 public education in California.