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Friday Clubs

Friday Clubs Request
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Please sign up for the club(s) that you are most interested in, but pay attention to the grade span to ensure that you are eligible for the club. Some clubs may be offered again at a different time of year. You do not have to sign up for both sessions. Please complete a separate form for each student.
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Check back soon for updated club opportunities!  
Fall 2019 Clubs:
  • Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten - Join us as we have fun spending time and working together! We will be preparing for a performance as well as singing songs, listening to stories, doing art, fun math games, outdoor activities and more! Come have fun and learn at the same time!
  • Robotics (1st-2nd) - Explore with robots Colby and Dash. Using iPads and the Osmo system you can try your hand at: coding, art, math, gaming, puzzle-solving, business and money, and more!
  • PAL Leadership (3rd-5th) - Learn what it takes to be a leader in your community.
  • College & Career Readiness (6th-8th) - Who am I? What are my future goals? How do I get it? We will be exploring different career and college options and making sure you're on the right path for your future! Through your participation in this club, you'll also earn fun prizes and field trip opportunities.
  • Minecraft (1st-8th) - One of the most popular gaming titles of all time has come to the classroom! Work with your friends to plan and carry out tasks. Build, explore, battle, create, and survive while using your skills as a problem solver, creative thinker, and responsible teammate. Limit: 20 players; sign up now!
  • Art (1st-4th) -  Get your creative juices flowing! Many different types of activities through many different mediums.
  • Robotics (3rd-5th) -  Students will explore Dash and Dot and learn basic programming.
  • Cooking (5th-8th) - Come and learn basic cooking with us!